Free download: AstroCaves v0.12 (public alpha)

The first public alpha version is now available for Windows 64bit and Mac. I will be uploading a Linux version soon too, so if you're not a Windows or Mac user, do not despair!

Let me know your opinions, perhaps you have some good ideas for the upcoming versions, or saw some critical bugs? All comments welcome.

This is what to expect from this version:

  • No ship upgrades yet
  • Includes the (unfinished) first level
  • 1 weapon
  • Rope for transporting crates to refineries
  • 1 enemy type
  • Some challenges and achievements
  • Player progression
  • Main menu
  • Basic settings panel

You should find the files in the downloads section of AstroCaves main page at

Remember, this is a very early version, so please be gentle.

Files 28 MB
Sep 17, 2019 32 MB
Sep 17, 2019

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