A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Experience the latest in Cave Flyer technology!

A single player cave flyer game with modern twist, in spirit of the classic 80 and 90's PC, Amiga and C64 hits like Thrust, Gravity Force, V-Wing, Turboraketti and Auts.

Fly in two dimensions, die in three.

In AstroCaves you will:

  • Explore alien planets in beautiful low poly 2.5D
  • Collect a bunch of gold
  • Upgrade and customize your ship
  • Level up by collecting XP points for better upgrades
  • Blow up different types of enemies
  • Unlock new planets to explore

Features currently in development: Ship upgrades, more worlds, better save game management, new weapons, new challenges.


Esc         = Open and close main menu
Up Arrow    = Thruster
Left Arrow  = Rotate ship left
Right Arrow = Rotate ship right
Down Arrow  = Pull rope out or in
Space       = Fire
F5          = Save
F9          = Load

Public alpha version 0.12

  • No ship upgrades yet
  • Includes the (unfinished) first level
  • 1 weapon
  • 1 enemy type
  • Some challenges and achievements
  • Player progression

Download demo

astrocaves-0.12-win-x86_64.zip 28 MB
astrocaves-0.12-mac.zip 32 MB

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