A lot of additions last night

  • Limited the bullet movement to X,Y coordinates so now its easier to hit enemies by bouncing off the walls
    • This was enabled by an interesting Unity feature I had not noticed before, in particle systems there is "Limit velocity over lifetime" and it allows for separate axis configuration, so it's possible to use this to keep the particles (in this case bullets) on a 2D or (even 1D) plane by limiting those axis to 0
  • Adaptive smoke depending on the exact amount of damage taken
    • This helps the player see if for example an enemy has taken damage or not
  • Antialiasing support
    • Looks so much better now!
  • Changed light colors, direction and added darkblue sky
    • Nicer atmosphere really
  • Respawning enemies
    • Now we can go XP grinding!!
  • Fixed bokeh in the field of view
    • Field of view now looks actually good

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